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Dynamic, Multifaceted Sales Associate

Part Time

Candidate must be passionate about furniture and design!

Blue Moon Furniture is looking to fill a multifaceted sales associate in our furniture and decor showroom. The ideal candidate will show interest and proficiency in additional tasks and responsibilities as well as a desire to move up within the company.

The ideal candidate will enjoy a job with a variety of sales, organizational roles, tasks and be keen to help support our team in many different ways. A background in design and architecture is an asset. We supply design-focused furniture and decor to high end clients, architects and interior designers. Our work atmosphere is energetic, creative, fun and always busy. The ideal candidate is driven to succeed, teachable, humble, coachable with a positive, upbeat attitude.

We are looking for a competitive sales professional who is passionate about Blue Moon Furniture products.

Candidate must have the following skills:

Outstanding oral and telephone communication skills, supporting team player to help our furniture and decor sales, problem solver with the ability to process and resolve issues quickly, great writer who loves helping our customers, strong computer skills, able to lift 50 pounds, ability to make complicated situations simple and painless, great written skills, a desire to progress in a career in sales, zero call reluctance and the ability to ASK FOR THE SALE.

The tasks in this position include:

Sales Associate: Interact with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media channels and return all messages within 24 hours. Speak with customers face to face when they stop by. Create floor plans, configure furniture layouts to clients requests, make suggestions, match fabrics and materials, listen to needs and determine solutions. Record pertinent customer information, inform customers of product and/or live event details. Respond to problems or concerns to the customers' satisfaction. Continually study and learn how to better and more efficiently serve our customers and most importantly ask for and CLOSE THE SALE. Take direction and be in close communication with management.

Additional Duties May include the following, especially where candidate shows proficiency:

- Logistics: Organize deliveries, liaison between clients and delivery people, help with delivery pick ups, sign for deliveries.

- Visual Merchandising: create display concepts and floor plans. Assist display set up and continually improve and maintain displays to make beautiful+ shop-able store.

- Furniture Maintenance: clean, oil and polish products when needed.

- Content Creator: assist in content creation from brainstorming to execution. Take photos, brainstorm ideas, write copy and post content.

- Web Design / Maintenance: assist with website maintenance, posting pictures, updating, products and blog posts, showcasing current events. Contribute ideas for more efficient organization and greater visual appeal.

- Design/Drawing: create appealing and functional floor plans. Assist in custom design pieces and drawings. Create spec sheets and technical drawings. A proficiency in illustrator and photo shop is an asset.

- Film Making: Assist in filming and editing videos.

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