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Ethical Makeup Artist (EMUA)

Full & Part Time

We're looking for a Creative & Career Driven Ethical Makeup Artists (EMUA) who will have a massive impact on the studio team and our growing success in new markets. You have a strong background in Retail, are a natural Leader and have a passion for Ethical Beauty!

Our talented EMUA leverage their leadership skills, retail background and passion for Ethical Beauty in developing strategies that engage the community, drive sales, exceed goals, and above all, create remarkable client experiences when representing yourself and the Portia-Ella brand.

The Client experience is at our core

As an Ethical Makeup Artist (EMUA) you serve as the face of the Portia-Ella brand. Through this client experience, you have the opportunity to be an ambassador for CLEAN, ETHICAL and Canadian made beauty. You build the in-studio experience that we promote through all our marketing efforts.

Develop relationships. Communicate effectively with clients in-studio and remotely to determine the best ethical and healthy alternative beauty products from mainstream brands.

You are educated on all things Portia-Ella; products and services, the ethical beauty industry, have industry health and wellness knowledge. You are a trained makeup artist, positioned perfectly to help guide existing and new clients through their beauty journey.

- A Portia-Ella mandate is to be an expert and share your knowledge with clients and teammates
- Inspiring clients to upgrade their skincare and makeup routine to an ethical one
- Contributing to the overall team goals and efforts through the accomplishment of sales and brand building
- Ensuring all store operations are completed effectively and efficiently
- Maintain a visually beautiful, clean and well-stocked store
- Represent the Portia-Ella brand and yourself with pride
- Wide range of Skin knowledge (rosacea, acne, age spots, sensitivities, redness, etc.)
- Know how to professionally apply and play with makeup

Operations & Merchandising:
- You make it as easy as possible for clients to find what they need when they need it. To do this efficiently:
- You need to keep a productive store and maximize your client experience.
- Actively participate in all merchandising activities including, but not limited to: Stock maintenance (restock shelves; help create new product purchase orders, and monitor stock for easy product replenishment).
- Organize and keep the store clean, take care of the plants (they need love too).
- Accurately count and balance cash and inventory

Interested? We're looking for EMUA's who can also:
- Contribute to marketing projects that support the Portia-Ella brand and mission
- Research and grow areas of opportunity for mission-driven collaborations and community partnerships
- Comfortable with social media

We Offer
- A healthy, supportive work environment
- Continuous mentorship and growth opportunities
- Creative sales and marketing support
- Skincare, Products and ingredients training
- Opportunities to grow with portia-ella
- Makeup kits and tools for in-store or field appointments
- Discounts, product perks, and workshops
- Competitive compensation packages
- The opportunity to reach a new and engaged audience

How do you intend to revolutionize beauty through Portia-Ella?

Apply Today via Wirkn!

The most ambitious candidates will find personal and career growth, room for creativity, social and public visibility on a local and national level.

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